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Intellectual Property India - CRIs

Oct 20 2015
The Indian Patent Office has finalised its Guidelines relating to the Examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs). The Guidelines mark a paradigm shift in the thinking of the Indian Patent Office towards patent eligibility of CRIs and is a watered down version of the draft guidelines.

Indian Patent Office Releases Guidelines For Applications Relating To Pharmaceutical Inventions

Oct 20 2015
The Indian pharmaceutical industry is known for its global success and market leadership in producing generic drugs. However, in order to lead to higher quality patent applications, the Indian Patent Office has released examination guidelines for applications relating to pharmaceutical inventions.

Germany’s Supreme Court Decision “Wound Treatment Apparatus” – A Possible Cure for EPO’s Inescapable Trap Disease?

Oct 20 2015
Germany’s Supreme Court [FCJ] has announced its milestone decision in a Nullity Action (X ZR 161/12) concerning the German part of EP 1 088 569 granted with an originally non-disclosed feature. The FCJ found a solution to avoid EPO’s inescapable trap approach.

Utility Models

Jul 1 2015
FICPI approves a position paper on Utility Models as a distinct right as part of an IP system

Prior User Rights

Jun 30 2015
FICPI considers Prior User Rights (PURs) - the right to continue exploiting an invention after having started exploitation without infringing any patents held by others - to constitute an essential element of any patent system based on the first-to-file or first-inventor-to-file principle.


Jun 30 2015
Latest news on translation of Whois and dispute resolution for Intergovernmental Organisations