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Grace Period

30 Jan, 2016 - FICPI urges the adoption of a Grace Period - creating a level playing field for inventors.

2016 EUROSEAD FICPI Patent Drafting Training Course

23 Jan, 2016 - FICPI has developed a training course to teach the preparation of patent specifications and claims. The next course will be held in Hamburg (Germany) during 2016.

Unified Patent Court (UPC) announces its Rules of Procedure

11 Nov, 2015 - On 27 October 2015 the UPC Preparatory Committee published on its website the Rules of Procedure of the of the Unified Patent Court.

USPTO announces pilot programme

11 Nov, 2015 - USPTO announces pilot programme to allow amendments to the Identification of goods and services due to technology evolution


11 Nov, 2015 - Preliminary Issue Report for public comment to obtain community input on the issue of launching a GNSO Policy Development Process to Review all Rights Protection Mechanisms in all gTLDs.


11 Nov, 2015 - FICPI met with the senior managment of the EPO’s senior management in Lyon, France, where the EPO and SIPO (the Chinese Patent Office) were celebrating 30 years of collaboration between the EPO and SIPO. A full report of the FICPI-EPO meeting is available at http://tinyurl.com/p76wc6y.

Germany’s Supreme Court Decision “Wound Treatment Apparatus” – A Possible Cure for EPO’s Inescapable Trap Disease?

20 Oct, 2015 - Germany’s Supreme Court [FCJ] has announced its milestone decision in a Nullity Action (X ZR 161/12) concerning the German part of EP 1 088 569 granted with an originally non-disclosed feature. The FCJ found a solution to avoid EPO’s inescapable trap approach.

Intellectual Property India - CRIs

20 Oct, 2015 - The Indian Patent Office has finalised its Guidelines relating to the Examination of Computer Related Inventions (CRIs). The Guidelines mark a paradigm shift in the thinking of the Indian Patent Office towards patent eligibility of CRIs and is a watered down version of the draft guidelines.