FICPI has recieved the following urgent message from WIPO:

As noted in WIPO Update on COVID-19 press release on March 16, 2020, the International Bureau remains in full operation.  However, given the unreliability of postal systems worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Bureau (also as receiving Office) has suspended all communication by postal mail until further notice.  The International Bureau will transmit all PCT-related documents only via email to the email address provided in relation to each international application.  Please note that PCT-related documents are also available through ePCT and also on PATENTSCOPE for published international applications.

For PCT applications in which the applicant or agent has not provided a contact email address, the International Bureau urges PCT users to urgently provide the contact email address in relation to their pending international application(s).  The International Bureau has published detailed instructions on our website at on how to submit the contact email address in relevant cases. 

All PCT users are strongly encouraged to avoid PCT-related submissions by postal mail and to communicate with the International Bureau exclusively by appropriate electronic means.