FICPI President Julian Crump concluded his inspiring opening to FICPI Virtual, our 19th Open Forum in November 2020 by sharing a new video which features FICPI members from around the world answering a simple question, “What is the best thing about FICPI?”. 

The answers are moving, funny and insightful – and remind us why we think of ourselves as a business family within this wonderful global community of independent IP attorneys. Watch and enjoy the video.

If you would like to record your own answer to the question, “What is the best thing about FICPI”, let us know.

We will send you directions about how to create a recording, which we will share via FICPI member communications. Contact us at

FICPI’s view and involvement

FICPI is a worldwide family of independent IP attorneys, built on trusted relationships and cemented around a common cause. Insights from the FICPI community are an essential part of building up a trusted network of FICPI colleagues, whether via videos such as this one, contributions to our blog or newsletter, webinars and other events.

Next steps

Get thinking about what you might say in a video. Jot a few ideas down and then contact us.