FICPI has launched an important new resource for every member of our global community.

The FICPI Small Business IP Kit is for use by members in their local markets to connect with one of our most important sources of new clients: small and medium-sized businesses.

Created in a PowerPoint format to allow easy customisation by members, the Kit is a practical and usable resource with two purposes:

  • To publicise the value to small businesses of protecting their intellectual property.
  • To make the case to small businesses about the crucial role played by independent IP attorneys in the process of protecting those IP assets.

It includes a members-only guide with suggestions how to customise the contents and the most effective distribution of the Kit to get it into the hands of small businesses in your local market.

Download your copy of the Kit here:

FICPI’s view and involvement

In these challenging times, FICPI continues to find creative ways to provide new resources and value for members of our global community. The Small Business Kit represents a new way for members to create and nurture business opportunities with small and growing companies, and to illustrate how FICPI members help companies build IP value.

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