FICPI Vice President, Ivan Ahlert, represented FICPI at the XXXIX International Congress on Intellectual Property of the Brazilian Association of Intellectual Property (ABPI) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 25-27 August 2019, with more than 700 registered participants. ABPI kindly offered a booth to FICPI during the congress, where we distributed brochures advertising our federation and its activities, and contacted people interested in FICPI.

Potential cooperation arrangements between FICPI and ABPI and ABAPI were discussed with the respective presidents, including the possible creation of a Committee of FICPI members in ABAPI.

After a presentation by the lady head of the Patent Division at the BPTO, Mrs. Liane Lage, Ivan Ahlert congratulated her and her team on behalf of FICPI for the adoption of new streamlined procedures to expedite patent examination, and substantially to reduce the examination backlog within 2 years, and also expressed FICPI’s support for this initiative, referring to FICPI’s resolution (EXCO/CN17/RES/004) on extreme backlogs and TRIPS.