How is your Section or Group doing against the goals of the FICPI Communications Charter?

You will recall that we distributed the Communications Charter earlier this year to every FICPI member, via National Associations, Sections, Governing Bodies and Committees, as an easy-to-follow guide on increasing effectiveness of communications to the benefit of our entire global community of independent IP attorneys.

As a reminder, here are the six principles of the FICPI Communications Charter:

  1. Publish information from meeting and events in a timely manner, via the monthly FICPI Newsletter – wherever possible, the key points within a week and a longer summary within a month.
  2. Adhere to the FICPI brand, messaging guidelines and style guide.
  3. Follow the FICPI global communication style, tone and vocabulary guidelines.
  4. Update your group information on the website and your own FICPI website, where applicable, at least annually.
  5. You, or at least one member of your group, contribute to the FICPI Blog at least annually.
  6. You, or at least one member of your group, post on the FICPI Linked-In platform at least monthly.

Many of FICPI’s Sections and Groups signed a pledge to support these principles. 

If you have not yet signed, you soon will be getting a little nudge!

In my introductory address to the 2020 Open Forum, you heard an update on the digital transformation that is underway across the FICPI community to strengthen the way we connect, engage and share information with each other.

We have made tremendous progress, but we will continue to do so only with the active participation of every member and group in FICPI.

As we approach the final days of 2020, there is still time to embrace the principles of the FICPI Communications Charter and make your contribution to the continuing strengthening of communications within FICPI.

Next steps

If you are a Committee or National Group Head and have not already done so, please read the Communications Charter and send your acceptance to

How FICPI makes IP attorneys more effective

FICPI is a worldwide organisation dedicated to strengthening the practice of independent IP attorneys and making them more effective. The Communications Charter is an important facet of this, underpinning the success of the organisation and of individual members.