The Covid-19 crisis has deep impacts on the IP world – we have to handle this situation and FICPI supports you!

We live in difficult times around the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has, along with the terrible health consequences, disrupted the global economy enormously by causing widespread business closures and disruptions as well as affected postal and courier services. This disruption has also resulted in the closure or restricted operation of IP Offices, and users of the IP system being unable to meet deadlines and pay fees.

While many, if not most, users of the IP system and their representatives could continue to operate in locations away from their usual business locations, this change may cause restrictions with respect to normally available resources to control proper flow of operations, thus resulting in an inability to meet deadlines.

While relief measures for meeting deadlines must be balanced against the impact on third parties, the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is so extreme that the balance lies firmly on the side of those affected by difficulties in meeting deadlines. In the absence of measures applicable internationally, many IP Offices have used a variety of mechanisms to provide suspension and effective extension of deadlines.

Independent IP attorneys have to learn new ways of working, solving problems and connecting under the restrictions and ramifications resulting from the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. 

The latest wave of the pandemic is partially forcing us to work from home again. The IP Offices are closing again.

You will find an overview of the current situation on the FICPI webpage:

As the global disruption changes, users of the system may need additional time to meet deadlines for filing documents and/or paying fees. If you check the websites of the IP offices information pertaining to IP Office closures and suspension/extension of deadlines are difficult to ascertain globally. Thus, the link above may be very helpful for users.

FICPI’s view and involvement 

Our FICPI colleagues from all over the world update this spreadsheet on a regular and voluntary basis to help the IP community — the FICPI community is built on trusted, global relationships – we stay together in our business family!

FICPI’s worldwide network of independent IP attorneys ensures the latest insights on international developments are gathered and shared with the community through articles, blogs, webinars and events, the LinkedIn Group and Page, and through initiatives such as the spreadsheet on updated deadlines and rules of IP rights.  

Next steps 

Follow this link to find the spreadsheet and a video on how to use it.