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Conference on the Unifed Patent and Unified Patent Court.

Sep 16 2014
Ratification of the Unified Patent Court is underway, permitting the UPC to start with a first group of at least thirty countries, expanding as other countries ratify the Court and make any necessary changes to their patent laws. Read FICPI's report here.

Kyoto Symposium on Grace Period

Jul 16 2014
FICPI's support for a grace period for patent applicants continued with its sponsorship of the Tegernsee Symposium on the Grace Period, held recently in Tokyo. Read the reports and follow FICPI's work.

ICANN's 50th Meeting in London

Jul 3 2014
FICPI is one of the key players in ICANN and was represented at ICANN's 50th meeting held in London England.

FICPI Visits the EPO

Jul 3 2014
A delegation from FICPI visited the EPO on the day of the European Inventor of the Year Awards and the Germany - Portugal football match. Read a complete report of this visit: <a href="/sites/default/files/assets/news/files/65/epovisitreportjune2014.pdf" >epo_visit_report_june_2014.pdf</a>

FICPI attends OAMI User Meeting in Alicante

Jun 1 2014
FICPI"s Representatives Elia Sugrañes and Robert Watson attended the 21st OAMI User Group Meeting that took place in Alicante on 30 April 2014.

Protection of GUIs in China by Design Patents

May 21 2014
On 1 May 2014, an amendment to SIPO’s Guidelines for Patent Examination associated with design patents came into force, providing protection for designs involving products with a graphical user interface (GUI).