2016 EUROSEAD FICPI Patent Drafting Training Course

25 Jan, 2016

You are invited to apply for the 2016 EUROSEAD Patent Drafting Training Course

The Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Intellectuelle (FICPI) has developed a training course to teach the preparation of patent specifications and claims. The next course will be held in Hamburg (Germany) during 2016. The course will be of particular benefit to those who have recently entered the profession and those who wish to improve their drafting skills in preparation of national and European examinations.


Course Dates

Session 1 - May 30 to June 3
Session 2 - Aug 29 to Sept 2
Hamburg, Germany

Application Deadline

March 3, 2016

Platinum Sponsor

Raul César Ferreira

Silver Sponsors

Domnern Somgiat & Boonma (DS&B)
Association des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (ACPI)


Both series of tutorials will be held at :

Madison Hotel HamburgMadison Hotel Hamburg

Schaarsteinweg 4, 20459 
Hamburg, Germany 

T. +49 4037 6660
F. +49 4037 666 137



The Course

The course follows the successful format started in Singapore in 1997 and in Australia and Europe in 1999. It is divided into three segments.

Segment 1 

A series of tutorials and workshops will be presented over five days from Monday to Friday, May 30th - June 3rd, 2016.

Segment 2

Students will be required to submit answers to four drafting exercises over the following months by correspondence (one exercise approximately every four weeks). These will be assessed by the tutors and written comments sent to the students.

Segment 3

A second series of tutorials and workshops will be presented over five days from August 29th to September 02, 2016.

Course Emphasis

The emphasis of the course is on practical work. Following each lecture session, students break out into groups of about seven to work on an exercise. The exercise is then discussed at a plenary session before the next lecture or workshop begins. At the conclusion of the first segment, students are given four drafting exercises to work on, one at a time over the following five months. The tutors comment on each paper in turn and review them as a whole during the third segment. The course is directed to teaching the art of patent drafting. It is not directed to passing the European qualifying examinations. Tuition will be given in drafting techniques used in the major jurisdictions being Europe, United States of America and Japan.

Course Language

The course will be conducted in English. However, Mr. Jérôme Collin of France and Dr. Axel von Hellfeld of Germany, who are tutors on the course, will be able to assist and coach students who prefer to work in French or German.


2016 EUROSEAD Tutors 

Dr. Axel von Hellfeld

Course Co-ordinator, Germany

Axel von Hellfeld is Senior Partner of WUESTHOFF & WUESTHOFF, Munich. He studied physics in Göttingen, Hamburg and at Dartmouth College, USA and qualified as a patent attorney in 1983. He has extensive experience in representing clients before the German and European Patent Offices and in infringement suits before various German Courts. He teaches patent law at a German University, is involved in the training of German patent attorneys, and is a frequent lecturer worldwide on various IP topics, including software protection.

Leon Allen 


Leon is a patent attorney and a partner of the firm DAVIES COLLISION CAVE in Melbourne, Australia. His technical background is physics. He has over 20 years of experience in the preparation of patent applications, opposition proceedings, and infringement actions for enforcement of patents.

Jérôme Collin


A partner of Cabinet REGIMBEAU, Paris. He studied fundamental and applied physics and has a special background in software and systems of mobile communication. He is involved both in patent prosecution and litigation. He has a strong involvement in the training of future IP professionals. He lectures at the “Grandes Ecoles” and universities and served for many years as a tutor for European Patent Institute (epi).

Joseph A. Kolasch


Joseph is a founding partner of BIRCH, STEWART, KOLASCH & BIRCH, Washington D.C. area, one of the leading IP Law Firms in the USA. He has a technical background in chemical engineering and more than 40 years of experience in IP, specializing in chemical, mechanical and design patents, and trademarks. He is past president of the Patent Lawyers Club of Washington, D.C.

Dr. Peter Kolker 

United Kingdom

Retired from his position as Intellectual Property Manager of ZENECA and is now an independent consultant in IP matters. He is a British Chartered Patent Agent and a European patent attorney. He holds a D Phil. in chemistry from Oxford University. He was chairman of the Patents Panel of the Chemical Industries Association, a former chairman of the ABPI IP Committee and a member of the EFPIA patents working party. He is the author of “Global Patent Law” (PJB Publications, London 1998).

Kay Konishi 


Kay is a graduate of Waseda University and joined MIYOSHI & MIYOSHI in 1996 as a patent attorney. She is now a partner in the firm and her specialities include: information processing, computer systems, telecommunications, IP, litigation, copyright, legal opinion. She is a frequent lecturer on patent law at international conferences.

Dr. Shoichi Okuyama 


A partner of OKUYAMA & CO, Tokyo, He has a first degree in both engineering (specialisation: electronics) and chemistry and obtained a Ph.D. in theoretical physical chemistry at the James Frank Institute in Chicago. He has more that 15 years of experience as a Japanese patent attorney. He is President of JPAA, a board member of AIPPI Japan and LES Japan, and also a member of APAA. He is a working group leader of the case law study group of AIPPI Japan.

Steffen Schmidt 


Steffen is a partner of WUESTHOFF & WUESTHOFF, Munich. He qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 1991 after first gaining a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. He currently specialises in prosecuting patents in electronics, telecommunications, software technology, electrical/ mechanical engineering as well as aerospace. He was a member of the Examination Committee for the European qualifying examination for many years.

*Six of the eight FICPI tutors will be present during each segment of the course


Course Concept

The topics will be covered via lectures, case studies and hands-on practical workshops over the five days.

Segment 1 


  • Explanation of EUROSEAD Course
  • Patent law and practice review

Specification Structure

  • The description
  • Drawings
  • Claims
  • Abstract

Pre-Drafting Preparation

  • Interviewing inventors
  • Identifying the invention

Approaches to Claim Drafting

  • Functional analysis

Drafting claims

  • Without reference to specific prior art
  • With reference to specific prior art

Drafting a description to support claims

Preparing an Abstract

Other topics 

  • Patent validity and infringement
  • Patenting worldwide as far

As far they impinge on drafting.

Segment 2

Correspondence Assignments

4 Drafting Assignments

Segment 3

Second Series of tutorial sessions

Review of correspondence assignments

Exercises - drafting of full patent specifications

Consequences of drafting - review of example court decisions



Airplane viewed from Hamburg The cost of travel to Hamburg and accommodation must be met by the students. Each student will make her/his individual reservation with the Madison Hotel where a contingent of rooms has been reserved for EUROSEAD participants at a room rate of € 135 per night (incl. breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks).

Course Fees

Students are required to make one payment of € 2600  on acceptance to the course. This payment covers the cost of all three segments of the course, that is, the tutorials in May/June and August/September 2016, as well as the correspondence assignments.

Entry Requirements

Students should have a prior elementary knowledge of the process of obtaining patents, especially in Europe, have a demonstrable need to learn the art of drafting patent specifications and be competent to work in English. The Course is primarily intended for students based in a European country but is open to students from other countries. Admission to the course is at the sole discretion of the FICPI Training and Education Commission. The course will be limited to 30 students.

Deadline for Application

Please send your Application Form (PDF) to Axel von Hellfeld hellfeld@wuesthoff.de no later than March 3, 2016

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